Break-room for Commercial Business in Howard County

We were asked to build a break-room for a Commercial business here in Howard County.  Look at us doing the dirt work for this job.  These guys are really good at what they do!!!

IMG_20171113_112803634 (1).jpg

Dirt work is done, now we are getting ready to pour concrete


Concrete is poured so we did the outside frame for the Break-room.


Finished up the outside.  Doesn’t it look great?



Now we are on to finish the inside.

2017-12-01 11.07.44.jpg

Inside framing.  I can’t wait to see the finished project.  Can you?

2017-12-01 11.07.33.jpg

Inside Complete.  Look at all that room!!

2017-12-15 10.46.47.jpg

Nice cabinets!!!



2017-12-15 10.48.10.jpg

Bathroom is simple, but perfect for the Break-room

2017-12-15 10.47.19

If your business is in need of a Modern Break-room, please give us a call at (870)-845-1121.  We will be happy to customize all your ideas!!



Office turned to Modern Style Office

We had the privilege of updating the outside of this office.

2017-11-29 12.14.30.jpg

2017-11-29 12.14.37.jpg

We came in and added wood to the bottom of the office building.  It has that modern/rustic look don’t you think?

2017-11-30 11.28.28.jpg

I just love this look.  It is so clean and modern looking

2017-11-30 11.28.41.jpg


If you have a business that is outdated and needs to be updated, please give us a call at (870) 845-1121.  We would be honored to help you update your business.