Local Roof Restoration


The porch roof on this unique house was having leaking problems and the woodwork was rotting out. snapseed-16

The tar around the base of the rails was cracking open and causing problems. snapseed-15There were other leaks on the roof, so we had to tear off the rest of the porch roof.snapseed-20


Now we have replaced the ceiling joists.snapseed-19

It looks much better with a new solid roof.snapseed-18

To seal it we used IBM® rubber roof system. In this picture we are heat welding the seams together.snapseed-10

Almost finished with installing the rubber roof system.snapseed-17

Here is the finished product. We painted the the rest of the porch as well.snapseed-14

Murfreesboro Sonic

The Sonic in Murfreesboro Arkansas was having trouble with clogged gutters and a leaky roof. After patching the leaks and cleaning out the gutters we cut extra holes and added downspouts to prevent further problems. snapseed-07

We used a pressure washer to wash out the bulk of the leaves from the top side.snapseed-05

We cut extra holes in the gutter to prevent further drain problems, and washed out the remaining dirt and leaves with the pressure washer. snapseed-06

On the inside we fixed the rotten areas in the walls, using Durock® cement board on the bottom and moisture guard sheet rock on the rest of the wall.


We taped and sealed the seams.snapseed-15

Here we covered the cement board with a waterproof sealent.snapseed-16

The final step on the wall was to apply commercial FRP® board with an appropriate glue.2015-11-18 16.42.59